About us

TECNORAD® was born in Verona in 1976 thanks to the great intuition and passion for radioprotection of its
Founder, Doctor in nuclear physic Renato Milanesi. Since then our company has developed and grown,
maintain passion of technological innovation and scientific progress.
TECNORAD® mission is high-quality dosimetry response for both natural and artificial radiations. The present focus is on ionizing radiations and Radon. In order to improve efficiency and efficacy of our performances we carry our many quality tests, obtaining excellent results and certifications.

Our service guarantees to our Clients: the accuracy of the responses, the calibration’s procedures and instruments’ management adequacy and in respect of the timing of all the processes. We offer value, safety, efficiency and impartiality.

“We aim to be the most reliable Laboratory. Continuing to innovate we are shaping the future of radioprotection. For all these reasons we have been always purse efficiency, in every phase of our production process, in constant market research made to always improve our performances”.

Roberta Milanesi








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